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My latest ebooks, available through Amazon.com or iTunes Store. The F/A-18 Hornet/Super Hornet contains the history of all versions of the Hornet, including the Growler. Heavily illustrated with all color photos which render with more clairity on your screen than they do in print.

New eBook, published on iBooks and Kindle, available through iTunes or Amazon. A recap of my 40 years of rides in high performance military jets. Many of these narratives appeared in my books, but many more are in print for the first time!

Available from Amazon here: http://www.amazon.com/dp/B00PHFLB2O

Available in the iBooks or iTunes apps.


Signed (personalized) copies of USAF in Vietnam are available for $34.95. Send PayPal to loudrendel@verizon.net

or checks to:

Lou Drendel

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Sample Pages

E-books from Amazon or iBooks Stores:

Sample pages:

Sample pages:

The first two of my e-books have been published in the Amazon Kindle bookstore. You can purchase them here: Lou Drendel e-books

The Aviation Art book contains my efforts that have not appeared in Squadron/Signal Publications. These are paintings covering the past 50 years.

The B-25 Illustrated was originally done for Squadron, but rejected because the photos were not hi-res enough. As you can see, they translate beautifully to the digital screen.

These titles can be read on a variety of e-readers, including Kindle and iPad. They can also be read on your computer, using the free Kindle app available from Amazon.com

Another e-book! This one is only available on the Amazon.com Kindle store. P-47 Thunderbolt Illustrated

Just published!

Get your copy from

Squadron/Signal Publications

The F-22 Raptor In Action is in print! Buy a Raptor painting which is in the book and receive an autographed book with your purchase. Raptor paintings are in the Vipers and Raptors Gallery.

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My Latest Efforts ...

These are my most recent illustrations, which may ( or may not) appear elsewhere on the site. This is an effort to save frequent vistors the trouble of surfing the entire site to find new work. As more paintings are added, these will be moved to the various on-line galleries of aviation-art.net.

The cover illustration for my latest eBook, The A-10 Warthog Illustrated. 20" x 15" acrylic on illustration board. $800
F-105G of the 17th Wild Weasel Squadron, 388th TFW, Korat RTAB in the latter stages of Operation Linebacker II in 1972. It has just fired an AGM-78A Standard ARM at an NVA SAM site, while braving intense 57mm, 85mm, and 100mm AAA. 20 x 15 acrylic on illustration board. $500 Reserved SR
F-14B of VF-103 dropping a Laser-Guided bomb on Taliban in Afghanistan during Operation Enduring Freedom. By the end of its career, the Tomcat had morphed from the ultimate fleet defense interceptor to the best precision bomber in the fleet. Cover illustration for my ebook. 24" x 18" acrylic. $800
I have been known to paint subjects other than airplanes and since they share the sky with my favorites, I lean to avian subjects like the Bald Eagle and the Osprey. The Eagle is titled "Majesty", while I have titled the Osprey "Fish On!" Both are 16" x 20", done in acrylics, the Eagle on canvaspanel and the Osprey on gessobord. $400 each.
F-16I Sufa of the Negev Squadron preparing to attack a Hamas rocket launch site in 2014. Acrylic on canvaspanel 18" x 24" $800
F-16C of the Iowa Air National Guard over Afghanistan, armed with Laser-Guided and JDAM bombs. Acrylic on canvaspanel 24" x 18" $800
Rear cover illustration for the upcoming update of my "A-10 In Action" for Squadron/Signal Publications. 24" x 18" acrylic on canvaspanel. $900
F-35B Lightning II of VMFA-542 makes its landing approach to USS Bon Homme Richard. 24"x18" acrylic on canvaspanel. $800
"Twilight Trap"...shows an F/A-18F of VFA-103 in the groove for coming aboard. 24" x 18" acrylic on canvas panel. $800
"First Trap" shows a fledgling Naval Aviator approaches USS Lexington in his TA-4J trainer for his first arrested landing. 20" x 16" acrylic on canvas panel. $700
F-4B of VF-111 "Sundowners" about to launch from USS Coral Sea (CVA-43) for a 1972 mission against North Vietnam. 20" x 16" acrylic on gessobord. $700 Reserved DL
The Lockheed Martin F-35 "Lightning II" is destined to become one of the most produced combat aircraft in the new millenium. 20"x 15" pencil and acrylic on illustration board. $400 Sold
Operation "Tagboard" was the used of the Lockheed D-21 drone, and Mach 3+ unmanned reconnaissance vehicle, designed to be launched from the modified A-12, forerunner of the SR-71. The program was used breifly in the early 1960s and was discontinued after a D-21 collided with its carrier upon release, destroying the A-12 (M-21) and resulting in the death of the RSO. Only 4 successful launches were made before the program was cancelled. 20" x 15" acrylic on illustration board. $600
"American Eagle" F-15C of the 33rd Tactical Fighter Wing, which was one of the most successful units in Operation Desert Storm. Eagles shot down 33 Iraqi aircraft during Desert Storm. The Eagle is the most successful air-to-air combat aircraft ever built, having downed over 100 adversaries without suffering a loss. 20" x 15" acrylic on illustration board. $500
"Black Jet" The F-117 Nighthawk pioneered the use of stealth technology and proved it's worth by flying hundreds of missions during Operation Desert Storm, striking some of the most heavily defended targets in Iraq, while suffering no losses. 20" x 16" acrylic on gessobord. $900 Sold
F/A-18E Super Hornet of VFA-31 "Tomcatters" traps aboard USS George H W Bush, while another Super Hornet breaks into the landing pattern. 24" x 18" acrylic on gessobord. $800<
"The First Of The Spooks" McDonnell Aircraft Corporation named their most notable fighter "Phantom II", and company cartoonist Tony Wong promptly created "The Spook" a phantastical spy/ghost/mascot, seen here in ghostly mode in the background, while an F-4B of VF-74, the first Navy squadron to fly the Phantom, flies out of the frame. The acrylic painting is done on a 3/4" canvas panel, with a frame painted on the panel. 24" x 18" $800<
MiG-21MF "Fishbed J" of Truong Ton, 927th "Lam Son" during a dogfight over North Vietnam on 24 July 1972. He eventually shot down an F-4E of the 366th TFW during this mission. 24" x 18" acrylic on hardboard. $900
"First MiG Kill" On 17 June 1965, CDR Lou Page and LCDR John C. Smith, of VF-21, flying a BarCap mission from USS Midway, shot down a North Vietnamese MiG-17 with a min-range head-on shot with an AIM-7 Sparrow radar-guided missile. 24" x 12" acrylic on gessobord. $700
AC-130A Spectre Gunship climbs over the Plain of Jars in Laos, heading for its nightly work on the Ho Chi Mihn Trail. The AC-130 became the most effective truck killer in the battle to stem the tide of war materiel heading into the battlefields of South Vietnam. Almost a half century later, more modern versions of the AC-130 continue to prove its effectiveness on other battle grounds. 24" x 18" acrylic on canvaspanel. $800
Curtiss SB2C-4 of VB-83 from USS Essex during an April 1945 attack on Japanese shipping.24" x 18" acrylic on canvaspanel $800
F-100F of the 416th TFS, 21st TFW as it appeared in its natural metal glory in 1959. 20" x 8" acrylic and pencil on illustration board. $400
2nd Lt James Roughgarden shares his D-Day experiences with a fellow pilot of the 357th Fighter Group, while the crew chief and ground crewmen listen in on the conversation, eager to hear how their charge, a P-51B-10-NA, performed. 24" x 12" acrylic on gessobord. $750
"Razorback Hawg" shows an A-10C Warthog of the 188th Fighter Wing, Arkansas Air National Guard over the wilds of Afghanistan during their 2012 deployment. 24" x 18" acrylic on gessobord. $800
"Shuttle Comes Home" The Space Shuttle is the most complex flying machine ever built, and the landings must be performed with precision. Computers perform the re-entry and energy management phases which get the Shuttle into position for landing at Kennedy Space Center. Here the Shuttle is turning onto final approach to the 15,000 foot-long runway, with the pilot now flying. It is at 14,000 feet, gliding at over 350mph, and descending at an approach angle more than 20 times that of a commercial airliner. It is 8 miles from touchdown. 24" x 18" acrylic on 3/4" mounted canvas panel. $1,500.
F/A-18C "Legacy Hornet" of VF-151 "Vigilantes" at sunset. 24" x 18" acrylic on canvaspanel. $800 sold DL
The 481st Tactical Fighter Squadron flew 3,600 combat missions during 1965 in South Vietnam. Though heavily used (and showing the wear), the F-100s of the squadron acheived a remarkable 98% mission-ready status during this period. 24" x 12" acrylic on gessobord. $600
10 May 1972 was one of the biggest MIG-killing days of the Vietnam War. Lt Curt Dose and LCDR James McDevitt, in "Silver Kite 211" engaged in a low-level chase of a MIG-21, which culminated in an AIM-9 shoot-down at 50' AGL. They are seen here as they overfly the front of the MIG-21 just before it impacts the ground. 24" x 12" acrylic on gessobord $600
One of the most attacked (and heavily defended) targets in North Vietnam was the Thanh Hoa Bridge. The job of the RF-8 Crusader photo recon pilots was to get post-strike photos, and they usually encountered heavy AAA fire from the stirred-up defenders as they made their runs hot on the heels of the attackers. 30" x 15" acrylic on canvas panel. $800
The U.S. Navy has announced that VF-101 "Grim Reapers" will be the F-35C training squadron, operating from NAS Oceana, Virginia. Though they have yet to receive their first jet, I thought it was not too much of a stretch to show a "Lightning II" in colors that VF-101 flew on their F-14 Tomcat. 24" x 18" acrylic on hardboard. $900

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Welcome to your tour of the on-line art gallery of the illustrations of Lou Drendel. You will see a broad cross-section of work done over the past 40 years. Many are for sale, and most are original works.  Each is an individual and unique piece of collectible art.

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